DPS Must Do Better for Our Students

milwaukee students with sign.png

Dear Denver teachers,

I just wanted to share my thoughts on our recent contract.  Please feel free to share this as you feel necessary.

I am so grateful to our bargaining team for all their hard work and time bargaining on behalf of our Denver teachers.  Their commitment to better environments for students and teachers is evident through the creation of the LEAP review committee, front-loaded sick days for new teachers, and that the 10 minutes before and after school are no longer considered self-directed planning. I hope that DCTA as an organization will fight for smaller class sizes, 45 minutes of recess for students Kindergarten through 5th grade, and to promote sustainability for teachers within the district.

While I am grateful for all the hard work of the bargaining team, we cannot wait 5 years to fight for our students.  DPS needs to revisit our contract and make sure it is in the best interest of all students.  DPS has the means to provide a world-class education for our students; we as teachers should demand nothing less.

After careful consideration of our proposed contract, I am choosing to vote no.

In solidarity,

Claire Jimenez