What are DCTA leaders afraid of?

Tommie Shimrock, a special educator from Henry World Middle School in Southwest Denver recently spoke out via his Facebook page about how proposed changes to the DCTA bylaws will hurt the democratic nature of our union.

In the video (featured below), Shimrock claims that he recently had a conversation with DCTA President Henry Roman about the possibility of Shimrock running for the union's presidency.  Shortly thereafter, DCTA leadership proposed all new restrictions that would conveniently prevent Roman from facing the opposition.

The proposed bylaw changes would require that members hold non-probationary status and complete a full term on DCTA's Board of Directors before being eligible for the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  These restrictions would narrow the number of candidates to a tiny fraction of DCTA's membership.

These changes not only value board-room experience over classroom experience, but they completely prohibit members at many innovation schools and SSPs hired after 2007 from EVER holding an executive office.  The proposed bylaws also extend the terms of officers and allow the Board of Directors to act in place of Rep Council whenever a quorum is not present.

It's no surprise that these bylaw amendments came from a four-person committee that was composed of two executive officers and one DCTA board member who was appointed by Roman.

Please Vote NO on these blatantly undemocratic bylaws proposals.

The Caucus of Today's Teachers believes that all DCTA members should be encouraged to be active in our union - and that includes formal leadership roles.  There is no need to regulate our democracy.  Let our members decide for themselves who is ready to fight for the schools our students deserve.